LitePaper joins ConsenSys. 🚀 Learn more.

LitePaper joins Consensys.

A new chapter.

Why we created LitePaper and our journey to form Decrypt.

Our Story

The founding story of LitePaper.

LitePaper was founded by James and Ilan in Jan 2018, with the mission of dramatically simplifying the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

We ideated and built the project across an series of coffee shops across 💂 London - frequenting Heals, The Hoxton and various Pret a Manger's.

After standing up an early prototype, we raised a small amount of angel capital, were joined by an outstanding content lead Matt Hussey, and moved into a tech focussed co-working space, RocketSpace by Islington Canal.

After gaining some intial traction and a number of to-and-forths to 🗽 New York - in July 2018 we agreed to an acquisition by ConsenSys, an internationl blockchain venture studio run by Joe Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum, where we would form a larger media company - Decrypt.

We want to thank all those who supported us on what was an eventful and exciting learning experience. You can find all the LitePaper content you love, and so much more, here on - a media company for the Web 3.0 age.

Keep learning,
James, Ilan.

Love for LitePaper

What some folks had to say along the way.

Pete's Predicament

Here is a fun audio teaser we put together. Enjoy!

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